About Us

I am Amna Asif, a Pakistani Contemporary Artist, Calligrapher and Multimedia Designer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I passionately found & created my own humble path to train myself to be what I am today and aim Limitlessly Higher to grow each day. From the awestruck childhood play of mixing colors to innovating my own Hair Paint Brush, puberty challenged myself with new hurdles to mark my living inspirations into an Art in History.

Calligraphy Font” Bismillah ir rahman ir rahim’ has been wrote in 15 different ways or say I invented multi shades defining the beauty of each hurf of bismillah. As a freelance Artist, I have completed a variety of custom designed murals & created commission pieces, direct wall Three-Dimensional Painting converting simple rooms
to live places, landscapes & things. Holding no space or material to be a barrier I have painted on canvas, paper, wall, ceiling, cloth, wood, stone and much more. I strived to depict morals & values in each painting with the use of specific colors, materials or strokes regardless of what I paint.

With two-year Academic training and several years of practice and successful experimentation in many styles & forms of art, I currently found myself in the beauty of Local Arab Art. Has a great Client bond and participating in many Exhibitions now makes me feel confident to pursue in the same style & soar higher.