Why Art is so Important
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Why Art is so Important

Art is an ocean of activities in which a wide range of events took place. Art is linked with humanity from years, and it has changed over time. Prior art was painting, and people used to paint their walls and called it art. But then different activities added in art. Later sculpture, photography, calligraphy and architecture also became a part of the art.

In old times people use to express art by painting their ancient walls but then as the people progressed and new forms of arts were discovered then walls, fabrics, ornaments, paper, glass and every object got painted with art.

Art was introduced as a form of expressing your inner self out. It is not just about holding a canvas and using the watercolours on the paper. It is the internal talent, and people use this talent to make some super unique pieces. And not everybody is blessed with this talent. It could not be done with force because it is something you have them. Also, If someone does practice in their particular art, they can excel in the field of art.

As time changed and people evolved new forms of art aroused, and music and photography were among them. And now they are one of the most beautiful ways of skills and people are earning from them.

Importance of Art:

Art is a way of expressing your emotions, your joy and happiness. It could be used to describe things in artistically and sometimes without being verbal. Painting could be used to spread any, message, to express any feeling or something a person wants to address. Whereas, when it comes to verbal expression of feelings and emotions, singing is that form of art. People use the power of their voice to address their self in front of their fans and followers.

It is stated that everything beautiful is the art, and therefore, art is a lovely expression of different talents. As time has changed the aim of doing art is changed. It was first concerned with presenting yourself with your talent, but then it was used for political and social purposes.

It was used for political purposes in a way that different forms of art were used to start a specific campaign or for creating awareness among people regarding some issues.

Now even singing is being used for political campaigns where singers write songs for a particular party and then sing it for their promotion. And then the art of painting is giving many political benefits, and people are also earning from it.

When it comes to social purposes, it is pervasive that painting, writing and sketching are used for addressing different social issues. A specific social topic is selected, and then the artist is asked to use that issue in their paintings and address their point of view through it.

Art galleries and seminars are conducted at the international level, where artist from different parts of the world participate and bring their paintings in them. And then who is perfect among them is awarded a position and gift.  

How Is Art Used For Preservation Of Culture?

Art is everywhere, and we all are surrounded by art. In the form of wall painting, in the way of programs we see on our television screen, in the form of the bed sheet that is present on our bed, in the form of musical sounds we hear in our earphones and many other ways.

All the cultures are connected with some art, and the skills associated with cultures are called cultural arts. And it would not be wrong to say that art is used for preserving cultures.

Calligraphy, which is an Islamic form of art, is used for protecting the culture and the people who are calligraphers write the Quranic verses most beautifully. Calligraphy is the most common form of Islamic calligraphy and is very common in Islamic culture. Almost every house has Allah calligraphy on their house wall to represent their cultural art.

There are many other ways in which art is used to preserve the heritage of communities and societies. The artist brings up past values and traditions in front of future generations through their craft, and in this way, the younger generations get the knowledge of their ancestors live and costs.

It is one of the best ways of retaining the past, and it also makes people optimistic about their future. Because when it issued to spread some good messages or some inspirational stories, it brings positivity in people. And the inspirational stories gives motivation to people and a solution to people problems. If people have a familiar account, they can relate to it and can work on their situation to make it better.

Art is a way of inspiring people and communicating with them about their problems and their solutions. You can use art to focus on different issues humankind is facing and giving them ways for coming out of this.

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