Versatile Forms of Arts
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Versatile Forms of Arts

Art is a visual form of emotions and feelings. It is a way by which we can express whatever is going inside our mind. It is a medium of conveying your inner thoughts to other people or also it is form of communication by which we can connect with people who do not even have same interests.

Art strengthens the cultural values of a place and makes it look more attractive and beautiful. By the help of arts many civilizations have preserved their culture and their heritage. And the communities or civilization which is rich in arts and crafts are considered rich in true meanings. Because they not only have adopted the new changing but also have preserved their old traditions and culture.

In modern era there are new and versatile forms of arts but in old times people were only familiar with calligraphy and painting. Calligraphy was the Islamic form of art and they used it to reproduces and preserve their Quranic verses. Muslims used to have Allah name calligraphy on their walls and are still following the same tradition. Later calligraphy also became modern and then it was classified into eastern and western calligraphy on the basis of old and new ideas and designs.

Modern Forms of Arts:

Art became modern and revolutionized over time and also formed new shapes and forms. But the one thing that remains common among all form of art was the freedom of expression and the characteristics of pleasing others. Different people used different ways to communicate their story to people and all of the ways were any how were indirect but they served their function of expressing the thoughts of an artist.

There versatile forms of art that are present now are

Visual Arts:

It includes all form of art in which an artist uses their hand to express their ideas and the imagination on any object. It could be painting, drawing, sketching and sculpturing. All of them are done on any paper or on other object.

In painting the most common things that are painted are landscapes, abstracts, still life and seascapes. In all these forms of painting a medium is used by the artist through which they make a particular painting. The medium used is pastels, watercolors, oil colors or charcoal. And by using a painting is formed on any surface.

In drawing mostly an image of an object or a person is formed by using color pencils or by some special lead pencils that are particularly used for drawing or sketching. It is an open representation of a person emotions and ideas.

Sculpturing is different painting and drawing because it is a three dimensional form of art in which the viewer can not only view it but can touch it as well. Human sculptures are the most common while sculptures of object are also formed for placing them as decoration pieces. Clay is used for making sculptures and used bit by bit to turn into a specific shape and form.

Applied Arts:

Applied art is also a form of visual art but it is form of art that is commercially applied over objects. Architecture and designing are the form of applied arts. Architecture is a frozen form of art and music that is used for making doors, windows, pots and other object that are used for routine purposes.

Deigning is of different types depends upon the object on which it is done. If it is done on fabric it is named as fashion designing and if it is done on buildings and or on any construction then it is architecture designing. Fashion designing is the most appealing form of designing because different patterns and designs are formed over the fabric to make it look pleasing.

Whereas the other form of designing like jewelry designing is performed over metal and the metal I then decorated with different beads to make it worth wearing.  And jewelry is one of the most expensive and precious form of art.

Performing Arts:

It is different from all other form of arts because it requires the role of the artist not on any object or medium but on their own self. It is one of the most appreciated art form and people who are part of performing arts are seen on television screens performing their talent themselves. Singing, dancing and acting are the performing arts and the people performing them are known for their particular form of art.

Dancing is type of performing art in which the artist moves his or body in particular sequence and they move it over the music. It involved the steps and movements of the artist on the lyrics and the beats of music. The artist performing dances learn the steps and movements so when they are performing they won’t make any mistakes.

Singing is the art of producing sound in rhythmic pattern but the pattern of sound produced should please the ear of the listener. It is an inborn talent and people who are blessed with melodious voice perform this art in front of the huge audience to show them the magic of their voice.


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