Different Kinds Of Calligraphy Styles And Lettering Styles
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Different Kinds Of Calligraphy Styles And Lettering Styles

Calligraphy is the traditional form of handwriting. Some define it as an art beautifully crafting writing scripts. The history of Calligraphy dates back to the 7th century, and ever since then, the art has been constantly on the road of being refined and developed.

Today, in this article we are highlighting the popular calligraphy styles. If you are a beginner who has an interest in calligraphy, this article will make it precise for you to understand where to begin your calligraphy lessons.

Today, there is a niche around the world who wants to learn the art of calligraphy. While yes, you can learn this online from youtube tutorials or you can take actual classes as well. Below we mention a few styles of Roman, Uncial, Italic, copperplate calligraphy. The best Arabic calligraphy,that is well recognized around the worldencompasses its unique form of lettering. The calligraphic lettering styles are the building blocks on the road to the calligraphic world.

The following are the characteristic of  a few popular styles of calligraphy:

  • Roman Capitals:The lettering in roman calligraphy to start with is taught as having rounded and widely spaced letters. This style of calligraphic art was introduced in the 20th century by Edward Johnston. The script of this style has curvasive circle and straight vertical lines. This art was used in ancient Rome and was inscribed in stones.

  • Uncial Script: This is a calligraphic art that is used to teach calligraphic writing to the beginners. It can be described as a foundation course to the calligraphic art, in which the letters have a roundedness to it and are easier to form. This form of the script was seen in books dating back to the 4th century. However, the script developed throughout the 8th century and has seen many variations to date.

  • Italic Script: The Italic script was developed in Italy around the 15th and 16th centuries. The script is also seen today in our Microsoft application and is display as a type of digital font. The characteristic of this script includes compressed forms of letters with forwarding slopes. The letters also have arches and have a certain flowing rhythm that is unique to this italic font.

    The letters in the italic script are narrower compared to the roman capitals. The letter is more in oval shape rather than a circle. A steep pen angle is used to form italic scripts, several nibs and precision of using angled pens are encouraged in forming this form of a script.

  • Copperplate Scriptwriting: Copperplate scriptwriting is English round handwriting. This form of writing emerged in the 19th century. The different feature of this scriptwriting is that it is written with a pointed nib and not with a broad-edged pen.

    This form of calligraphic style is also used in learning modern calligraphy. This is different from the traditional calligraphic style and is a well-recognized form of calligraphic art today.

Lettering Styles:

Lettering styles refer to the different types of handwriting types and styles. This is fairly creative and has room for a lot of editions. The following are a few popular lettering styles:

  • Cursive: Cursive is a form of scriptwriting. It’s a penmanship style where the letters are written together
  • Serif: This is a lettering style with small decorative strokes, these strokes vary in thickness.
  • Sans serif: These block letters and is great for beginners.
  • Creative lettering: This can be described as illustrations, textures, playing around with words, etc.
  • Gothic: This is a calligraphic style of writing that dates back to the middle ages. The letter designed in this script writing has a strong resemblance to middle age times.
  • Vintage: This form of scriptwriting is decorative, has different colors and textures. This form of lettering is used to make posters and design invitation cards etc.
  • Grafitti: Grafitti is a form of wall art that is done with spray paints. It is a free form of art we see in cities and represents art culture.

If you are just beginning with scriptwriting or calligraphic writing, it is okay for you to experiment with a few different styles. To know what your calligraphic style is going to be as a calligrapher, you need to try your hand with whatever letter of calligraphic style feels comfortable to you.

Calligraphy and lettering style dates back to the earliest century and has a lot of history to it. While today you won’t find a lot of people who have an eye for calligraphy, however, there is still a niche. Best Arabic calligraphy is seen in Islamic culture which is a well respected and acknowledged form of art among the Muslims. Arabic Calligraphers have their own unique fo

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